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Arizona: It might be wrong to brag but I think I just gave a KILLER audition for a musical!!

Tristen: NEVER be ashamed to brag when you do a good job, girl. Sometimes it’s the only praise you get, lol!

Bijou: That is awesome, Ari, congrats! I know I’ll be taking your pictures on Broadway soon.

Melrose: Wouldn’t that be cool? Your snaps, my songs, Ari’s singing = MAJOR AWARDS!!

Arizona: That would be so great! Four superstars taking the world by storm. Girl power rocks!

Tristen: Um, hello? I hope you all know that I’ll be designing the outfits for this superfab show you're doing!

Bijou: Um, of course? Who else could make me remember to wear matching clothes? You know I’m likely to throw on sweats and hit the streets.

Melrose: Yeah, but you do it in style, Bij. You throw on one of your cute little beanies and look like a million dollars.

Tristen: Totes! I completely agree. But we will all look good when we come see you star in this musical, Ari.

Arizona: Fingers crossed!!!!


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